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Accessing hoof cracks:

  • Horizontal cracks are usually merely cosmetic and are most likely the remnants of a coronary band injury that disrupted the hoof growth. These cracks usually grow out with standard hoof maintenance.
  • Shallow chips and vertical fissures along the edges of a horse’s hoof are also likely to be superficial. Generally caused by stress or imbalance, these cracks are commonly found in overgrown hooves. If not attended to by a farrier minor, shallow defects can become serious.
  • Deep vertical cracks are serious, particularly when they are bleeding, unstable (allowing the wall to move), extend up to the coronary band and/or are accompanied by lameness. Cracks deep enough to cause any of these problems warrant the attention of your veterinarian, as well as your farrier.
  • The best way to prevent hoof cracks is to have your horse’s hooves trimmed on a regular basis combined with use of a hoof dressing such as Farrier’s Choice Hoof Dressing.

Joseph Lyddy Farriers Choice II

Joseph Lyddy Farriers’ Choice protects against moisture and keeps hoof pliable to prevent cracking/splitting of the wall, sole or frog of the hoof. The grease will not seal or clog the pores. The citrus fragrance has built-in insect repellent and softens, heals and stimulates normal hoof growth. For easy application apply with a brush. You can apply to the frog and sole to remove bacteria and slime from underneath. Farriers‘ Choice also protects against wet weather by creating a waterproof seal on the hoof.


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