Posted on: July 27. 2017

Equine Solution To Dettol

Tru Blue II Medicated Spray is for the treatment of hopple chafes, galls and scratches, it quite simply is the […]

Posted on: May 13. 2017

Cribbing Prevention

Cribbing is a behavioral vice in horses caused by boredom and involving destructive chewing or biting. Cribbing can result in […]

Posted on: February 14. 2017

Insect Prevention

Flies and insects bite, buzz and sting, they also spread disease. Flies are enemies of the horse owner, therefore you […]

Posted on: February 7. 2017

Equine Skin Care

Provide your horse instant relief to the discomfort of stubborn chafes, skin abrasion, saddle or harness galls with Tru–Blue II […]

Posted on: December 1. 2016

Grooming and Horse’s Health

Grooming behaviours are part of the daily routine practised by most species and nature provides horses with the opportunity to […]