Posted on: July 28. 2017

Caring For Your Leather Goods

Caring for your leather riding gear. To prolong the life of your leather riding gear it is important to clean […]

Posted on: June 1. 2017

Tips For Waterproofing Leather

Leather is considered to be one of the most popular materials when it comes to clothing, shoes, jackets, accessories, and […]

Posted on: October 10. 2016

Why you love Leathaphane

Joseph Lyddy’s Leathaphane is designed specifically to preserve and waterproof leather. It is a blend of top quality tanning oils […]

Posted on: March 9. 2016

The Jay-El Beeswax Effect

Jay-El remains one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular products. It penetrates deep into the leather, nourishes and preserves the leather. […]

Posted on: January 15. 2016

How Neat is Neatsfoot Oil?

Neatsfoot Oil is a natural preservative for leather articles that repels, protects and restores. Neatsfoot Oil repels water and insects; […]

Posted on: February 6. 2013

Saddle Soap, Tried and True

In celebrating 120 years of Joseph Lyddy, we are in fact celebrating 120 years of Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap. Cobb […]