Equine Solution To Dettol

Tru Blue II Medicated Spray is for the treatment of hopple chafes, galls and scratches, it quite simply is the animal solution to Dettol.

Have you ever walked out to find your horse has injured itself in a paddock scuffle, his box, or by simply being a horse? Or found a saddle or harness gall (otherwise known as Girth Galls, Saddle Sores, Blisters, Girth Sores, Pressure Sores, Harness Sores)?

Saddle galls and sores from riding and harness galls that occur under driving harness are caused by friction. They are similar to a blister that forms from wearing tight fitting shoes. The sores can be caused by tack that has a build up of grime and sweat that grinds the dirt into the horse’s skin. Tack that is too tight or stiff and inflexible may cause chaffing that leads to saddle sores. Occasionally, a foreign object may become lodged between tack and horse, causing chaffing. Some horses with very sensitive skin are prone to saddle and girth sores and require extra care.

Saddle and harness galls may appear as slight rubs where just the hair is missing, or very inflamed open blister-like wounds. The hair may not be rubbed off and the gall or sore may show as a swollen lump under the skin–somewhat like an unbroken blister on your foot. The lump can be tiny, or quite large. Girth galls commonly form just behind the elbow of the horse in the girth area, but can occur anywhere the girth or cinch lies. Very severe saddle sores can form deep ‘holes’ that can become infected. Left untreated, permanent damage and scaring to the skin and underlying muscle can occur.

Hopple Chafe Lotion gives instant relief to stubborn chafes, skin abrasions, saddle or harness galls simply by spraying the affected area with the product.

Quick drying, Tru Blue II penetrates with antiseptic and anti fungal qualities. It is a water-based disinfectant of which the blue colour assists to indicate where it has been applied. For best results repeat the treatment course daily, or twice a day until healing is complete.

Active ingredients in Tru Blue II are Benzalkonium Chloride 2.0 g/litre (0.2%) and Methylene Blue 7.0 g/litre (0.7%)

Tru Blue II Medicated Spray is available in 500ml size and can be used on all animals.

What our customers are saying about Tru Blue II Medicated Spray:

True Blu II is a great product to have in your tack room, always helps to get those small scratches or cuts on the mend straight away #JL120 – ‏‪@SimoneNankervis via Twitter

A must have! Super product I use a lot! It keeps wounds clean and gives pain relief to all those hard to get areas, quick n easy! – ‏‪@KarinaCorvyvyvy via Twitter

I literally cannot express how much I love this product!!! With all our horses on the one property, I use Tru Blue II almost on a daily basis (especially in the shared paddock where the geldings and mares don’t get along). You can see the instant relief on the horse’s faces when you spray it on the wound; so calming and you don’t have to worry about the flies (Double Whammy). It dries instantly so you don’t have to worry about making a mess (great for kids!) and the blue colour makes it stand out so it’s easy to locate. A vet recommended it to me, as I have been quite hesitant about antiseptic sprays after some issues caused by another spray and is now the only thing that I really trust to use as first aid on my horses. It can be used for anything and everything from saddle sores, nick and cuts, abrasions and even hoof problems like thrush! It’s cheap and effective; and saves you forking out hundreds for vet bills!!! Definitely has and will always have my vote! Thanks – Ali A, Yarraville, Victoria

Wonderful product – Jo Jenssen via Facebook

I love Tru Blue! It’s a super versatile product; horses, cows and chickens; you name it! Perfect product to keep any wounds (big or small) protected and rapidly reduces healing time for fast and effective results! It destroys and completely stops the growth of any and all bacteria, so it prevents any further damage and provides a barrier to the open environment blocking out any risks, keeping the healing development at maximum pace! – Corrine Sehlisby via Facebook

Great brand. Reliable and handy to have around. – Gaylene Goodsell via Facebook

The products work. It’s as simple as that. And value for money. – Charmayne Hales, Pearcedale, Victoria


  • Spray affected area by depressing spray pump firmly;
  • No applicator necessary;
  • Repeat daily, or twice daily, until healing is complete.
  • You can clean the affected area first with water or a saline solution if you wish before treating with Tru Blue II Medicated Spray


  • Avoid splashing in eyes or ears. If splashed in eyes, wash out immediately with copious amounts of water.
  • Avoid ingestion.
  • For external use only.
  • Improper use may cause injury

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