Equitana Waler Trainers Give Hoof Products a Road Test

Hoof care is as important to your horse as sound foundations are to a building. Without a sound and well-maintained base, no amount of cosmetic attention will cover up deficiencies and other problems are sure to arise.

To facilitate peak performance, a horse’s hooves need regular trimming with shoes optional depending on the horse’s purpose and workload. Daily cleaning and moisturising will reward you with equine health benefits that go way beyond the feet and can help to prevent the onset of more serious conditions.

As a proud sponsor of the Equitana Waler Legacy, The Waler trainers have been road testing the Joseph Lyddy hoof care range on Digger, Gunner, Bill, Trooper, Rupert and Coronation for months and looks as though the products have passed with flying colours:

Farrier’s Choice Hoof Dressing will protect the walls, sole and frog of the hoof against cracking and will not seal or clog the pores. It softens, heals, repels water and stimulates normal hoof growth; it is effective and very beneficial in wet conditions when hooves become waterlogged and weak. Daily care will waterproof and strengthen the hooves and help to preserve the elasticity and resilience of the hoof structure. It is pleasant smelling formulation with a built in insect repellent that forms an important part of an effective daily routine. It can be easily applied in all climates with an applicator bristle brush.

Farriers Choice: is so easy to apply and has kept Bills hooves healthy, crack free and looking great through all seasons. Christy Connor (Bill)

Coronation’s feet are in great condition even though he is barefoot thanks to Farriers Choice hoof dressing – Steve Halfpenny (Coronation)

We love love love Farriers Choice. What an awesome product, every stable should have this on hand. – David Simmons (Gunner)

In addition to regular hoof care treatment with Farriers Choice, Stockholm Tar can be used for the treatment of corns, quarter cracks, split hooves and heels. Stockholm Tar combats thrush and other bacterial infections and keeps the hoof elastic and flexible it also aids in repelling moisture in wet conditions.

I am a retired Master farrier of 35yrs and have used Stockholm Tar mixed with fat from my griller for many years, this has kept all horses feet in great condition preventing splits and cracks. In recent years I alternated with Farriers formula and had the same fantastic results – Wayne Armstrong (Trooper).

Blac-It is still one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular and loved products, it is a fast drying hoof enamel that dries to a high gloss finish that is long-lasting and durable. The Blac-It coating resists scratches, so it retains its high-gloss appearance for a long time. The finish is water-repellent, so that Blac-It helps to keep hooves dry, and it will not wash off the hooves in wet conditions, such as when the horse is on wet grass or in a muddy paddock.

Blac-It is my first choice when dressing horses and ponies for competition, easy to apply, quick drying and retains its shine. Blac-It is also handy in preventing thrush , just clean out the hoof and apply to the bottom of the foot once a week, thank you from a very satisfied customer – Wayne Armstrong (Trooper).

Blac-It is the first product I use if I want my horses hooves looking great for the showring. Mess free and very easy to apply – Christy Connor (Bill)

Gunner was at her first show last weekend, we applied the Blac-It on Friday before we left and it was still shiny and well covered on Sunday with no extra application needed, and we were on arenas that were muddy, so this product is a sure win for all showies – David Simmons (Gunner)

To follow the Waler trainers footpath and trial the Joseph Lyddy hoof care range.

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