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Peter Moody understands the importance of healthy hooves. Champion horse trainer of champion racehorse Black Caviar uses Farriers’ Choice on his team of 200 horses in work around Australia on a daily basis.

Irish horse trainer, based in the United States Carl O’Callaghan is a huge fan of Farrier’s Choice. Carl has credited Farrier’s Choice with assisting him to keep Kinsale King’s hooves in great order on the road to winning the 2010 $2 million Dubai Golden Shaheen-G1 run on Dubai World Cup night.

I use it on Dubai winner Kinsale King to keep the foot healthy and sound I have a horse with the worst feet in the world and have tried everything, Farriers Choice works good because I think it helps with the cracking of feet and it’s easy apply and you don’t need to plaster it on, Kinsale King has been using it for sometime now and we buy it online, it’s great value – Carl O’Callaghan

Farriers Choice is a hoof dressing, with a buttery consistency for the treatment of dry, brittle, cracked and shelly hooves when horses are shod or plated frequently.

Benefits of Farriers Choice
Farriers Choice protects against moisture and keeps hoof pliable to prevent cracking/splitting of the wall, sole or frog of the hoof. The grease will not seal or clog the pores. A pleasant citrus smelling formulation that has built in insect repellent softens, heals and stimulates normal hoof growth. It can be easily applied in all climates with applicator bristle brush.

You can apply to the frog and sole to remove bacteria and slime from underneath. Farrier’s Choice is waterproof and is economical as it lasts a long time.

Directions for use
Clip hair and wash entire hoof area. Apply Farrier’s Choice to the wall, coronary band, bulb and frog of the hoof with an applicator bristle brush.
Repeat this treatment as required.

Farriers’ Choice Customer Testimonials
Horse had a coronary injury and always needed plating. It’s the only product that keeps the hoof strong and no splits without plates– Dale Corvason

Have used farriers choice for ages now. Our racehorses feet are always cracking and the frogs drying up. Farrier’s choice keeps the hoof whole and provides the moisture during dry months, helps the frog stay elastic and supple, and have found that it magically kills mud fever and thrush (bonus!). Use once a day on the affected areas. Works amazing! It clears up faster than those commercial products made for it as well. And if you use it everyday like I do, you won’t even have to bother with those horrid hoof nasties! Best of both worlds. Will back it all the way, it does everything the hoof needs and smells great! – Adam White

The reason why I absolutely love and have been using Farrier’s Choice for as long as I can remember is: Many years ago I bought an OTTB who desperately needed shoes as he would constantly become lame, but unfortunately this made his hooves brittle, dry and crack severely whenever he was ridden. So after trying every product on the market, a friend recommended Farriers Choice. Have never looked back since! Beautiful malleable hooves, never seen a crack since and NEVER BEEN LAME AGAIN because of his hooves! Ultimate protection against the toughest terrain – Australia of course! I really can’t thank you guys enough, you helped me save a horse from very early retirement and no longer have any hesitation in recommending JL products to everyone and anyone. We have now made it to 1*, and to think we wouldn’t be here without you guys! Thanks for changing our lives and getting us here – Kate and Echo

Farriers Choice is the only reason why my farrier makes his special 2 hour long trips to visit my horses. Because he knows how much effort (not much with your hoof care products!) I put into my horses feet. I only use the best products and my farrier can’t get enough of my hooves; he’s a JL convert now! It moisturises the WHOLE hoof and keeps them elastic yet firm, keeping the wear and tear minimal and as tough as concrete! Thanks! – Pippa Criasse

Our horses hooves stay healthy, look great; recommended by our farrier, apply hoof grease once week in winter, daily in heat of 43C summer – Caitlin Blanch

I love this hoof oil! You can actually see the difference in your horse’s hooves as soon as you start using them. I used mine tonight on my boys No hoof…no horse! Aimee Cuthbert

Had a thoroughbred mare (Worth a Peep) won lots races, her feet were a problem until we started with Farriers Choice..brilliant – Brenda Milner

The smell and it stays on!! A lot of hoof grease and oils have worn off the foot within 5 minutes of waking to the paddock; Joseph Lyddy Farriers Choice sticks on all day in all weather conditions and looks great at competitions!! – Fiona Guthrie

The fact that it’s associated with Black Caviar is enough for my horse. He’s an ex-racehorse with exquisite taste … the very mention of her name makes him think of all things deliciously melt-in-your-mouth. I’ve just read that Farrier’s Choice not just cares for hooves, but also repels insects. You’ve got to love a good product that does double duty! – Kathleen Fisher

I used it over 20 years ago and recognised the brand while shopping with my daughter now she buys it for her horse brought back beatific memories of my horse and the love we had for each other now it is my daughters time to share your product and lessons only a horse can teach – Megan Cooper

If Moody Racing Pty Ltd uses Farrier’s Choice, ESPECIALLY on the likes of BLACK CAVIAR – then it’s good enough for my horses!! Yes please! – Elizabeth Lawlor

It’s what I’ve always used and will always use – Donna Sorrensen

Peter Moody purchased and prepared champion Black Caviar, guiding her to an unbeaten 25 career victories. Moody is the reigning Australian Thoroughbred Trainers Premier, Moody has won 3 successive Victorian Thoroughbred Trainers Premiership, the last 2 Fred Hoysted Medal’s and was leading Group 1 trainer for the last two seasons. Moody trained horses have won the title of Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year for the past 3 seasons (Black Caviar 2012, 2011 and Typhoon Tracy 2010), with Black Caviar poised to win a third title in August 2013.

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