Grooming and Horse’s Health

Grooming behaviours are part of the daily routine practised by most species and nature provides horses with the opportunity to maintain their coats, remove dust and dirt and to keep hooves trimmed whilst bonding with members of their herd.

In a natural environment, horses willingly assist each other and form special friendships as they take part in mutual grooming and scratching sessions. This is a key aspect of their herd behaviour and offers security, protection, education and mate ship to the wild horse.

Domesticated equines have had their lifestyle choices made by humans and therefore the opportunity to behave instinctively is greatly reduced.

Today, horses are kept in many different ways which range from a near natural herd like environment such as large acreage stud farms, right through to stabling for up to 23 hours a day and only coming out for exercise, as is seen in racing stables or professional training barns for performance and sport horses.

Horses kept alone in small paddocks or stabled, rely on their carers to attend to the functions necessary to keep them healthy and happy. To ensure that horses look good, we keep them rugged and take away their opportunity to roll, rub or scratch as nature intended.

If the horse’s carer does not facilitate the grooming processes, horses may become itchy and uncomfortable or develop skin conditions that can deteriorate to become more serious physical or behavioral problems.

Grooming and care of the horse’s coat is an important part of maintaining general health and well being, as well as providing a special opportunity to bond with the horse in a way that promotes relaxation and trust.

Brushing is something that most horses really enjoy and owners who identify their horse’s special “itchy spots” will be rewarded with appreciation that many trainers use to foster the horse’s goodwill.

There are times when brushing is not enough and it will be necessary to wash the horse’s coat. This may be for cosmetic effect or to clean away sweat and dirt that could invite irritations and infections. A horse has very sensitive skin, so shampoos, detergents and cosmetic products designed for human use or other cleaning applications are unsuitable to use on animals.

The very high standards of preparation and presentation that are demanded of today’s horse owners and grooms, has given rise to the development of products which compliment the use of shampoo. We recommend Show Shampoo.

Additional enhancements are highly desirable and coat conditioners (Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Conditioner), detanglers and shine enhancers ensure that perfect presentation is now within the reach of all professional and hobbyist grooms.

Joseph Lyddy is the name that has been trusted for the best grooming and show preparation products by many generations of caring horse owners and this long standing symbol of quality has stood the test of time.

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