The Jay-El Beeswax Effect

Jay-El remains one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular products. It penetrates deep into the leather, nourishes and preserves the leather. The beeswax enhances the durability of the leather and leaves a silky finish. Can you live without it?

Jay-El is a beeswax leather dressing for softening and preserving saddlery and all leather goods which dries to a long lasting polish that shines.

Jay-El restores natural animal oils to all leathers and also acts as a sealer for leather dyes and leather oils.

A favourite of Joseph Lyddy’s long time technical manager, Jay-El softens and preserves all leather goods including Athletic, Sporting Race and Trotting Gear, Auto Seats, Belts, Boots & Shoes, Brief Cases, Coats & Jackets, Footballs, Gloves, Golf Bags, Harness, Luggage, Saddles, Satchels, Travel Goods and Upholstery. Unlined leather, Army and Work Boots can be treated inside and outside.

Jay-El has long been one of Joseph Lyddy’s most popular products. Here is what our customers have had to say:

What can I say really? I’ve been using Jay-El for most of my life; I’ve been brought up with it alongside the horses! It penetrates deep into the leather, sinking into the pores; nourishing and preserving even the toughest and damaged of grain. I’ve left countless saddles out in the rain before, but the structured layer provided by the beeswax enhances the durability of the leather leaving them as perfect as ever (against all odds!). Not only that; the silky finish left behind maximises comfort in the saddle. I don’t think I could live without it! I don’t think it’s possible to describe something so amazing without going overboard! – Anne H, Altona North, Vic

I used Jay-El along with leathaphane to restore a vvveerrryy old dressage saddle I picked up for $50. I used the Leathaphane to initially condition and ‘feed’ the leather, but I’m pretty Jay-El was the magic item. I used it daily to soften out the sandpaper like skin, bring out a shine from the dull patches, and keep the leather glowing like new. Also loved the wax like coating left by the beeswax, made the saddle so comfortable to sit into. In the end, I lent this saddle to a friend for the Garryowen (it looked that good!) I’ve got Jay-El to thank!– Millie Bryce

I really like to use the jay-el beeswax leather dressing, it gets right into the leather and makes it feel so soft and nourished – Kristy Boord, Naracoorte, SA

It is easy to apply and doesn’t leave saddles greasy. – Corina Farrar, Swan Hill, Victoria

It is the best for not only nourishing and protecting all my leather gear but it also gives them a great shine! Perfect for a quick polish of the boots at competitions! – Fiona Guthrie, Balhannah

Chemical free and filled with natural nutrients! Protects, waterproofs and restores leather and makes it last forever (17 years!) – Alina Coulomb via Twitter

Love my Jay-El as it brings leather back to life and the fastest way to soften new gear! – Jane Reid via Twitter

It makes the saddle as comfy as a pillow, as shiny as the sun and more durable than anything. It nourishes and keeps the leather well maintained and keeps it in mint condition. You can’t go wrong with Jay-El – Sharlene Quinn via Facebook

Directions for use:
Wipe surface clean.

Stir well and apply Jay-El Dressing with a soft brush or cloth.

Rub in and spread evenly and sparingly.

Assist absorption by standing in a warm area.

Apply one, two or three coats as conditions may require.

Allow a few hours drying time between each coat.

Polish off with a soft cloth.

Store in a cool place.

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