Much More Than a Shiny Coat

Shine Hair Tonic is a must have product for any stable. A fine spray specially formulated to give a deep healthy shine to hair, Shine Hair Tonic contains natural oils, protein and lanolin to protect the hair from dryness. The product is excellent for that final, quick spray before competing.

Shine Hair Tonic has the ability to repel dirt, dust and flies from a horse’s coat, and can also be used as a detangling agent keeping mane and tail tangle free with an added glowing shine.

This is what our satisfied customers say about Shine Hair Tonic, with plenty of tips and tricks to take note of.

Shine Hair Tonic is by far my favourite Joseph Lyddy Product. It repels dirt, dust and stains, helps keep manes and tails tangle-free, and can reduce static – all while producing an award-winning shine. Spray it on the coat, mane and tail after a bath while the horse is still wet to bring out the ultimate shine, or use it any time to help clean, condition and shine. You can’t beat the amazing iridescence Shine Hair Tonic provides, leaving the coat gleaming and ready for a 1st place ribbon! – Shaz D, Albanvale VIC

Have used Shine Hair Tonic for years on my horses and have found it fantastic for getting that extra shine. Easy application gives you the best opportunity to get the edge over your rivals. I have won numerous Best Presented classes and turnouts using this product. If you want the winning edge then you can’t go past Shine Hair Tonic. It is a must for every grooming kit. 
- Nerissa Wallis via Facebook

The aerosol application of this product makes it easy to apply an even coverage over the horse’s entire body. We used this product at a show and it absolutely stood out from the rest in terms of application, our horse’s immediate physical appearance and ability to endure throughout the day. Even our youngest competitors were able to apply Shine Hair Tonic without making a mess. With respect to the all-important dust issue, we did not find any grease spots, sticky coats, slippery saddles or caked on dirt; even after a night of rolling. So I guess for me, this is an A+. If you need a quality shine that lasts and most importantly, makes you stand out; Shine Hair Tonic is the way to go!!! – Sharlene Quinn via Facebook

Gives that extra body, glamour & shine. Coats each hair to keep manes and tails super, while it gives a dazzling finish and repels flies! – Alina Coulomb via Twitter

Love this on our mare’s black tail. The white stain of urine in is gone instantly with this spray, great for emergencies! – @RidersDiary

Directions for use:
Remove cap, hold can at least 25cm away and allow a fine mist to fall evenly over the horses hair, mane and tail.

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