How Neat is Neatsfoot Oil?

Neatsfoot Oil is a natural preservative for leather articles that repels, protects and restores.

Neatsfoot Oil repels water and insects; it protects leather against stiffening and cracking and restores pliability to dried-out leather.

To ensure you take care of expensive riding gear including saddles, bridles, harness and boots, it is essential to treat leather articles with a quality product on a regular basis.

Neatsfoot Oil, while similar to another Joseph Lyddy product Leathaphane, has a different effect. Neatsfoot Oil contains a special kind of fatty oil which has a pronounced nourishing effect on leather. It is particularly effective in producing suppleness in leather as it deeply penetrates dry, cracking leather.

Neatsfoot Oil softens leather in a more pronounced fashion than Leathaphane. Whilst the product is more expensive, it is more cost effective in its application.

This natural product is unsurpassed for restoring water hardened leather to its original softness and is available online and in stores. Neatsfoot Oil can be purchased in 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, or 20 litre sizes.

Customers absolutely love Neatsfoot Oil, in particular the natural properties, ability to restore leather even when dry and a bonus of acting as an insect repellent.

Here is what some of Joseph Lyddy’s customer had to say about Neatsfoot Oil.

I LOVE IT! It repels any kind of liquid really well. After applying, you can ride out in the rain, through the mud and in puddles and not have to worry about cleaning. One wipe and it’s all clean! I’ve also discovered that it works as a deterrent/ repellent to insects and rodents! (I worked this out the hard way). I oiled my good saddle one night and left the others to do for the next day. I moved them to the shed to get them out of the rain, and the next morning what do I find? Nibbled leather on all the saddles except for the one I oiled with Neatsfoot Oil the night before! And finally and most amazingly it restores even the oldest of leathers and makes it supple, even if it feels as though it will crack because it’s that hard; just one coating of Neatsfoot Oil and you can feel the rich nourishing effect immediately! It restores any leather item to pristine condition! Thanks! – Mary D

I’m a natural freak; so a natural preservative like Neatsfoot Oil is a must buy. I left my $600 birthday bridle in the rain a few years ago, and it stiffened up and lost it’s colour (looked like indian leather), so we went to the saddlery and bought our first ever Joseph Lyddy product: Neatsfoot Oil! It keeps all my leather gear beautifully supple, soft, comfortable for the horse and best of all, I KNOW that it will last (it’s Joseph Lyddy of course!) – Corrine Sehlisby via Facebook

I love Neatsfood Oil; I have it in a pump bottle in the stable and just rub it on any bit of leather that has gone hard. – Belinda Mackintosh, Cooma, NSW

I use it on all my new leather gear. Makes them lusciously soft & supple, therefore comfy for the horse, and keeps them happy! Alina Coulumb via Twitter

Neatsfoot Oil is the best product I have used, I am very happy with result and have no need to look further. Tony Whelan, Batemans Bay, New South Wales

Super for XC and beach rides. Does an excellent job preventing damage to the leather keeps them in perfect H20proof condition! Marietta Coulomb via Twitter

Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Make sure the leather to be treated is clean and dry.
  • Oil may tend to darken leather but is recommended when oil penetration and ease of application are important.
  • Apply one or two coats as conditions may require.
  • Allow article to stand for a few hours.
  • Wipe off surplus oil before use.
  • Not suitable for use on suede and nubuck products

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