Joesph Lyddy Leather Conditioner

Softens, nourishes, conditions and preserves leather. 380mL


Smooth, firm consistency. Easy to apply and spreads evenly. Pleasant and refreshing fragrance from concentrated Australian essential oils. Contains waterproofing agents and natural waxes. Prolongs the life of leather articles. Produces a long-lasting shine, no buffing required. Neutral for all colours.

  • Wipe surface clean, ensuring it is free from dust and dirt.
  • Test in an inconspicuous place first before using.
  • With a soft cloth, apply a small amount evenly, paying
  • special attention not to apply too much to any stitching.
  • Rub into the leather until leather conditioner has been absorbed. Remove any excess with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat every 2 – 3 months to keep your leather looking as new.