It’s Spring, Time to Let Your Horse’s Coat Shine

We receive rave reviews about Joseph Lyddy Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Creme Conditioner. The Shampoo is ideal is it provides a great gentle clean without a mountain of suds, and the conditioner allows you to brush out mane/tail without pulling hairs.

Tea Tree Herbal Shampoo effectively cleans and removes dirt and grime without stripping the natural oils from the coat when used according to directions. It is enriched with natural essential oil of Australian Tea Tree.

Joseph Lyddy Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Crème Conditioner is the perfect accompaniment to Joseph Lyddy Tea Tree Herbal Shampoo. Enriched with essential oil of Australian Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, it is soothing and is designed to restore the natural pH level of skin. This conditioner is an ideal detangler, leaving your horse’s mane and tail smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

Both products recommended for conditioning all skin and coat types.

Robyn Stratford from Artes Stud, breeder of Hannoverian Performance Horses was the winner of a Joseph Lyddy product raffle held at the 2013 Sydney CDI (Concours de Dressage International).

Robyn has one horse that has sensitive skin and used both the shampoo and conditioner on it the day after the raffle.

“The horse who usually rolls and scratches itself after washing (because it is itchy) didn’t do that at all! I thought the product containers were new and appealing and the conditioner smelt and felt terrific. As a young person I used Joseph Lyddy products and readily recognised the traditional packaging, and look forward to continuing to use these products on my horses” – Robyn Stratford.

Robyn is not the only professional raving about our Shampoo and Conditioner, our Equitana Waler Trainers are equally as impressed.

“We just love this product. So easy to use and so efficient at removing all
of the dirt. Great product” – David & Sandi Simmons

“In love with the Shampoo and Conditioner as it leaves Rupert’s mane and tail really silky. Was previously using Tresemme (human shampoo) and this is the only product that comes close to it. The conditioner is great as I can brush his tail out still wet without ripping any tail out”. – Damien Judd, Moorlands Equestrian

Directions for use:
Thoroughly wet the coat, mane and tail.

Apply a thin layer of shampoo to the mane, backline and tail or alternatively mix approximately 50ml of shampoo per litre of lukewarm water, making up 6 litres depending on the size and condition of the horse.

Gently massage or sponge to create a cleansing foam, working lather through the mane and tail, and over the head and body.

Leave on to soak for 2 – 3 minutes on heavily soiled, scurfy or stained areas, including a matted mane and tail.

Rinse out with running water. Repeat if necessary.

The tail can be washed and rinsed in a bucket.

After shampooing, scrape excess water from the coat and underbelly.

After shampooing, apply Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Crème Conditioner to tail and mane while still damp.

Comb through and leave for 2 – 3 minutes and rinse out with running water.

Groom once dry.

Tip: Avoid applying to the mane or dock of the tail within 24 hours prior to plaiting as the conditioner may reduce the hold of the hair.

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