Joseph Lyddy Waterproofer

Joseph Lyddy Waterproofer provides protection against water and stains.

How to use

Before first use, always test in a hidden area for colour fastness and product-to-material compatibility ensuring that the spray will not discolour or taint the finish of your article. Follow directions closely. Ensure article is clean and dry before commencing. Do not use whilst inside tent, work in a well ventilated area.

1. Shake can well. From a distance of approximately 30cm, apply a light and even spray mist over entire article.

2. Allow to dry naturally (5-10 mins). Apply a 2nd and 3rd coat for optimum protection. Let dry inbetween coats.

3. Do not flood product onto article as this could cause water markings.

4. Repeated applications are required to maintain protection.

5. Do not expose to moisture until completely dry.

For protection of heavy cotton canvas, Joseph Lyddy Dry Seal is recommended.


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